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Prime Focus of RAHM Trust

‘One Candle can light many Candles’

Sponsor Treatment of needy patient

Unfortunately, Pakistan is among those countries in the world whose health expenditures are below 1% of the country GDP.  Inequality of resource distribution and insufficient health care facilities increases the depression of a common man in daily life. That’s why, RAHM Trust aims to relieve the sickness and preserve the health of our deprived community by sponsoring their medical treatment.

Provide medicines and equipment to Hospitals

Quality healthcare facilities are inadequate in the government hospitals, as an inflow of patients exceeds to thousands in a single day. RAHM Trust is determined to cater the needs of the critically ill-people by providing them essential medicines and medical equipments to the ICUs (Intensive Care Units) and Emergencies to the Hospitals.

Promote Health Awareness

Our socioeconomic conditions; poverty, illiteracy and income disparity lead to the ill-health of general masses. Urban population and underprivileged communities neglect their health issues and some early symptoms of several diseases due to their working routine and lack of awareness. RAHM Trust takes this social responsibility to promote the Health awareness; particularly for Diabetes, balance diet and proper hygiene etc.

Support to Wedding Budget

Due to our traditional pressure, a marriage cost has become too expensive than ever; where poor parents save for years to marry off a daughter. RAHM Trust is committed to support the wedding budget of the poor families by providing the required stuff to their daughters; so that parents can bear the wedding cost without borrowing and maintaining their self-esteem.

Food & Clothes Distribution

Having strong faith on equality of all human beings, RAHM Trust is intended to provide excellent clothing and distribute food on the religious events like Ramadan and Eid etc., so that all the society- fellows can celebrate and get pleasure on all the Blessed days.

Education Support

Unfortunately, these days, quality education is inherent to the better resources and opportunities. Therefore, RAHM Trust believes that every child carries a natural talent to realize his capability; enabling him a productive citizen. RAHM Trust ensures an access to the better education for talented and deserving youngsters.

  • To sponsor the treatment of needy patients.
  • To provide medicines and necessary equipments to the Emergencies and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of the hospitals.
  • To promote the health awareness programs.
  • To arrange medical camps in the rural areas.
  • To provide food to the malnourished children on consistent basis.
  • To set up specialized healthcare centers; particularly Diabetic clinics etc.
  • Food distribution at Religious events like Ramadan and Eid etc.
  • To help the victims of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc.
  • To help needy families for their Children education and Marriage expenditures.
  • To provide special package to the senior citizens.